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Training with a Twist

Our blended learning solutions come in many shapes and sizes and are designed to adapt to meet your needs. Choose from our dynamic English training programmes, convenient Visio distance learning sessions, online English proficiency assessments or opt for our new dashboard driven scheduling tool to provide a flexible solution to a group of employees. Choose one solution or combine them to create the perfect learning programme for your company.

360 English Training

In Focus Europe offers the perfect blend of traditional English training, online testing and distance learning tools. All of our solutions are based on years of experience. Each course is custom-created and adapted to the identified requirements of the individual trainee and overall corporate learning goals. The result is a comprehensive personalized training programme that is targeted, engaging and effective.

  • In-company language training sessions for individuals or groups (offered for companies based in Ile de France)
  • Telephone training
  • Personal coaching for key talent
  • Intensive training & seminars
  • Distance training via Visio

Visio Distance Training

In Focus Europe offers distance training through Visio allowing clients with multiple sites to provide training across several locations within a single organisation. Using the same methodology as our in-person, onsite training programmes, distance training can be a viable option for busy employees and offsite workers who require English language training. Distance sessions are conducted “live” by one of our trainers and feature interactive tools to encourage participation and engagement.

In addition, we offer periodic group webinars covering themes such as Meetings, Presentations, Telephoning etc.

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"Give a group of employees access to English training and support!"

An alternative to fixed contracts!
Offer your employees a flexible English training solution.

Leveraging the latest technology, we have created a streamlined dashboard to manage training across a group of employees with one or more English trainers. Easy to use, the dashboard is available to the client, trainer and trainee. One or more trainers is on site and available. Trainees choose what training slot(s) they would like to book. They may chat with the trainer beforehand or even submit files. The group is notified of any cancelled training sessions so another trainee may sign up. Additionally, there is full-integration with Outlook and Google calendars. Our clients benefit from real time metrics and statistics.


  • Offer English to a wider population because you are not allocating a fixed number of hours to only a few
  • Full automation ensures instant updates of trainer availability, scheduled appointments, hours taught to date etc
  • Trainees can benefit from direct interaction with their trainer and the ability to share files all in one place.

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Professionalism & Expertise

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Trainers Extraordinaire

Expert trainers and specialists in business English communications, most of our trainers have been with In Focus Europe for at least a decade. They are all native English speakers and highly accomplished professionals coming from a variety of backgrounds such as corporate trainers, communication specialists, teachers of English as a foreign language and university level educators.

All of our trainers have at least one of the following certifications: TEFL, CELTA and/or TESOL

To our French clients,
we are CPF compliant, Data-Dock ready and AFNOR certified.

On-site training available in Ile de France.
For our European clients in Italy, Spain and Germany, we offer many pedagogic solutions.

Visio distance training is available wherever you are!